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We could not find what you were looking for. Labfit manufacture quality hand made instruments for soil testing and mineral testing analysis. Our system can be customised from the factory standard to suit customer needs.

We have the latest technology on all our products.
sulfur carbon analyzer vertical resistance furnace

Fast and reliable Carbon Sulfur Analysis.

Automated Carbon Sulfur combustion analyser is more reliable and offers built-in 48 position autosampler.
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pH EC Soil Testing Robot

Soil Testing pH EC robot capable of up to 180 samples.

Automated soil testing pH EC robot that complies to all standard methods and easy to use. Heaps of configuration options in software.
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Multiple Simultaneous Dispensing to Soil Samples

Fast & accurate water/buffer dispensing.

Speed up production turn around with an automated water buffer dispenser for your soil testing requirements.Easy configuration, 8 or 10 position dispensing head.
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Precise Automated LOI Weighing

Precision weighing done fast. 0.1mg accuracy.

Precise weighing of Loss on Ignition and XRF samples directly into the crucible. Totally enclosed to prevent draft effects. Precision 0.1mg analytical balances.
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Precision acid base titration with ph conductivity.

Automated acid base titration with 0.04pH precision.

K=0.1-10.0 auto ranging and acid base titration thats better than 0.04pH. Up to 4 endpoints.
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Configure control standard measurements

Configure control standard measurements

Advanced measurement settings including control standards are easily configured for pH measurements.
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Enter TGA or LOI samples easily

TGA & LOI sample information with advanced LIMS import.

Thermogravimetric analysis sample data entry can't get any easier than this.
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Production loss on ignition robot increases sample throughput.

A production robot for loss on ignition in iron ore increases sample throughput while maintaining accuracy of 0.1mg.
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